Hi There!

I’m Michael Zambrano, and welcome to my corner of the internet where DIY dreams come to life. If you’ve stumbled upon my website, chances are you share my passion for turning the ordinary into extraordinary, one room at a time.

A bit about my journey:

My wonderful wife Courtenay and I recently embarked on the adventure of revamping our new home. Like many of you, I started with little to no idea about the intricacies of home repair. But, room by room, mistake by (sometimes hilarious) mistake, I’ve gained hands-on experience in tile work, drywall, painting, bathroom remodeling, and so much more. Need some insights on electrical wiring, plumbing, or landscape design? I’ve got stories, tips, and a few scars to prove it!

Now, while I may spend my weekdays managing a production department at the largest cabinet manufacturer in the southeastern U.S., my weekends are dedicated to the DIY world. And after a day of hard work? Courtenay and I love to unwind by diving deep into home remodeling shows. You could say we’re a tad obsessed – but hey, aren’t we all here?

Beyond the world of DIY, you might catch me out fishing, trying to outsmart nature one catch at a time, or perhaps hunting during the right seasons. And if you hear loud cheering from a softball field, that’s likely me, rooting for my two amazing girls.

I created this website as a testament to the belief that with a little determination and a touch of creativity, anyone can be a DIY enthusiast. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or someone just starting out, I hope my tales of triumphs (and the occasional mishap) inspire, inform, and bring a smile to your face.

Happy DIY-ing, and thanks for joining me on this journey!